About Nay

After 18 years of raising a family and being the best mother for her children, the founder of Nay was seeking for a new adventure that can provide her by a new purpose for her existence.

Based in London, she noticed the wide variety of women and girls coming from all nationalities that wear scarves and veils. Aware of the difficulties these ladies face to find scarves with good quality, the founder decided to create a brand that produce trendy and modern scarves and this is how 'Nay' was born.

The Challenge

To make her passion comes true, Nay founder realized the importance to have a strong brand image. Therefore, she shared her vision by briefing WG creative team about the the brand's purpose and requirements.

The goal was to develop a brand guideline that cover all the aspects that a brand may needs to excel in the business world.

The Result

After conducting a brain storming session with Nay founder, the creative team at WG were tasked with developing the brand image.

The team started by creating the logo, the brand guidelines including the color palette, e-commerce website template and social media look & feel that would be used in the brand communication.

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