Why Seek Creative Agencies

Creative Agencies – The Story to Tell

Amongst many questions that we hear often is a common one “what are creative agencies truly?”. The validity of this question lies with a valid and simple answer!

Creative agencies are an interdisciplinary family. Their role is to partner with you and your brand to work on strategies and concepts that represent your voice. They help your brand personality stand out through ads, campaigns, commercials, print, online platforms, and others.

Think about the magic of storytelling and imagine this art being developed and communicated to audiences through your brand. A unique story of your brand that would leave people talking about it and wanting to know more. This unique magic is usually crafted by the people working within the walls of a Creative Agency who dedicate the time and experience to work with you in crafting the unique story of your brand.

How Does That Apply?

Creative agencies work on many roles, such as:

  • Provide services in design, advertising, content, and marketing.
  • Developing and advertising brands through creative methods and media channels.
  • Support marketing managers by adding a dash of personalized expertise, and excelling a brand approach.
  • Offer strategy guidance.
  • Ensure content and design delivery on time and quality.

Creative agencies will help you tell your story in a way that highlights the uniqueness of your brand, as well as support you in implementing new plans and outcomes. All the work is done while implementing creative solutions to arising business challenges . This is a holistic approach taken to help creative teams tackle a wide range of strategies and goals.


Searching for the right creative agency is like shopping for a new suit! Check out all the options you have and take all the time you need before deciding.

You may also keep in mind:

  • Asking the agency a lot of questions will aid in adding clarity.
  • Involving your team may lessen the decision making.

Let’s Get Down to Business.

  • The Who and the What

WalnutGlobal dedicates its multidisciplinary team to see projects through and through.
Gained experience and diverse service offerings allow the agency team to build comprehensive strategies for products and services with clients.

Here are some areas of specializations and services to access at WalnutGlobal

  • The How

Creative agencies will professionally create designed work, quality content, and will offer a clear strategy framework to support their creatively tailored executions.

When a partnership is formed between the brand and the creative agency, an assessment and identification process take place to point the strengths and weaknesses within the current brand hierarchy. Tackling those, through developing creative solutions, will allow a flow of new opportunities. In turn, it will help:

- Provide better market opportunities 

- Provide a wider range of goals to be met

What are the steps followed?

Brand Audit

By analyzing the brand WalnutGlobal team would better understand your business and customers.


WalnutGlobal team would combine all research, audience profile and brand positioning to define a clear path for your brand.

Core Brand Idea

WalnutGlobal team would identify the core brand idea using WalnutGlobal strategy tools which would be used to develop all tactics benefiting the overall strategy direction.

Creative Execution

WalnutGlobal creative team would build, design and execute creative concepts addressing customers’ needs.

Test and Optimize

Seek feedback from customers through periodic research.

Business Results

Evaluate return on investment by conducting a review workshop.

  • The When

Now you’re probably contemplating the time to seek a creative agency. This is a chance to deeply reflect on the vision, mission, and value of your brand.

  1. K. Rowling once said: “There’s always room for a story that can transport people to another place.”

If you are aiming to tell a story which will lead to success and growth of your brand but you are not sure where or how to start, than a creative agency can assist to plot a path with pitstops along the way to evaluate and adjust the plan while it’s being executed.

You can consider having a creative agency by you side as a long-term investment. The agency team will work with you and your team in clarifying and executing the business objectives you have set for your brand.

You will also want an agency that represents your brand values. An agency that delivers results through clear KPIs. An agency that will lead with experience and align with your brand culture.

Here are a few points to consider when deciding on using the services of a creative agency:

Business and Benefits

Benefits are part of outcomes in business as they are ways to show support and motivation. This is what creative agencies aim to provide.

The many questions that you might have will be answered by a team of experts having one single minded objective: Success of Your Brand.

The creative team will use various channels and tools to achieve these objectives which would later trickle down into other channels tailored for your brand.

Time to Shop for Your Agency

How can you determine which is the right creative agency for you?

Since not all creative agencies are the same, an ideal approach would be to review and meet 2-4 creative agencies to assess what/who fits best with your objectives. Be sure to include your intuition, as well as your team, in the decision-making process.

  • Shop Around: Don’t decide after meeting the first agency. Study all options and take time and careful consideration to decide which agency to sign up with.
  • Know Your Objectives: Clearly identify your own objectives first as this would make the decision-making clearer. Since creative agencies are experts in many disciplines, some may be better than others in certain specialities. So, set your objectives first to better identify the creative agency that aligns well with them.
  • Ask for Previous Results: Creative agencies will enthusiastically share their achievements and capabilities. You might want to check their history of case studies, customer testimonials, and other outcomes to assess if they are a good indication for your brand’s success.
  • Use Recommendations: Make sure to ask for advice and recommendations from people you know within your network. This is an efficient way to help identify which creative agency would be a good for your company.
  • Include Your Team: Once you partner with a creative agency, your team will be involved in the day-to-day operations with the agency team. To ensure desired communication and outcomes, it’s best to include your team in the selection process from an early start.

According to research

86% of customers have indicated that buying a brand authentic in its communication, makes the decision making easier.

Accordingly, your chosen creative agency should best align with your brand vision and goal to develop and execute a communication strategy that is authentic and assured.

Schedule a free consultation to learn more about how WalnutGlobal can help in achieving your brand goals.

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